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Vacuum Coating Chiller - 1 to 60 Ton

Air-cooled & Water-cooled
Vacuum Coating Chiller - 1 to 60 Ton
  • Vacuum Coating Chiller - 1 to 60 Ton
Vacuum Coating Chiller - 1 to 60 Ton

    Senho Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier of vacuum coating chillers and cooling solutions. 

    We provide both air-cooled and water-cooled type chillers range from 1 to 60 Tons for vacuum coating process purpose. 

    Senho engineer team is experienced in cooling solutions for particular case. Please let us know your request for a more suitable solution. 

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Standard Features 

l  Capacity range from 1 Ton - 60 Ton

l   Both air-cooled and water cooled version included

l   Control temperature from 7℃ to 30℃ 

l   Top brand hermetic scroll compressor

l   User friendly PID Controller provides precise temperature control and complete protection on both chiller and production process

l   Powerful water pump helps to remove the heat in shorter time

l   Built-in heavily insulated reservoir with removable top for easy cleaning and maintenance

Available Options

l  Closed water loop version for central cooling

l   Enlarged condenser to make sure performance under high ambient temperature 

l   Remote control panel

l   Programmable logic controller system, offering more intuitionistic operation and monitoring

l   Chemical pump for direct-cooling version

l   Hot gas by-pass to get more stable temperature control

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