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Food & Beverage Processing Chillers

Temperature from -35℃ to 15℃
Food & Beverage Processing Chillers
  • Food & Beverage Processing Chillers
  • Food & Beverage Processing Chillers
Food & Beverage Processing ChillersFood & Beverage Processing Chillers

    The food & beverage processing chiller is equipped with food-grade water-end components, including heat exchangers, water pipes and water pumps, to provide health and safety protection for food and beverage processing. Like other Senho products, the reliable quality of food & beverage processing chillers benefits from excellent structural design, top-level configuration, and strict production and quality control processes.

    Senho experts has a wealth of experience in food and beverage processing cooling, they are ready to provide you with professional services.

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Standard Features

l   Minimum control temperature low to -35℃, to satisfy different food or beverage processing requirement

l   Danfoss hermetic scroll compressor, or Copeland reciprocating compressor

l   Microprocessor Controller provides precise temperature control and complete protection on both chiller and production process

l   Nonferrous process fluid circuit. 316L stainless steel food grade(or higher) is available on request

l   Built-in polyurethane insulated reservoir with large capacity and a removable top for maintenance

l   Air-cooled or Water-cooled type condenser as requested

l   Nickle plating plate evaporator to stay away from abrasion and corrosion

l   Easily removable side panel allows convenient clearance and maintenance

Available Options

l  Close circuit evaporator for open circuit using end

l   316L stainless steel food grade(or higher) fluid circuit

l   Enlarged condenser or R134a unit for healthily running under higher working ambient

l   Remote control panel

l   PLC control system, offer more intuitionistic operation and monitoring

l   Higher pressure water supply pump for different applications

l   Hot gas by-pass to get more stable temperature control


15 months parts warranty

12 months labor warranty

2 years for touch screen

3 years for programmable logic controller

Extendable warranty up to 5 years

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