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Air Cooled Scroll Chillers

PRA Series - Scroll Compressor
Air Cooled Scroll Chillers
  • Air Cooled Scroll Chillers
  • Air Cooled Scroll Chillers
Air Cooled Scroll ChillersAir Cooled Scroll Chillers

    SENHO air-cooled scroll chillers feature Danfoss or Copeland hermetic scroll compressor for high energy efficiency and low noise. In addition to top-level configurations, the superior quality of Senho products is attributed to excellent structural design and strict production and quality control processes. The complete product range, reliable product quality, and top-level cooling solution capabilities enable SENHO air-cooled scroll chillers to serve a growing number of industries and customers.

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Air Cooled Industrial Chillers - 1 to 40 Ton

Standard Products Available Range

· Cooling capacity range: 2KW to 184.8KW

· Set temperature range: 5℃ to 30℃

· Temperature controlling vibration: ±1℃

Smart Microprocessor Controller 

· Comprehensive monitoring and precise temperature control, text display and audible alarm for running failure. 

· MODBUS and RS-485 communication protocol supported version available.

Europe Version Schneider Electric Parts

· Most reliable comments adopted for critical parts like AC contactor, breaker, and thermal relay.

· Higher standard components to realize a more stable and longer service life.

Scroll Compressors

· Danfoss or Copeland hermetic scroll compressors

· Close cooperation with compressor manufacturers for decades has enabled us to maximize their efficiency.

Heat Exchanging Parts

· Generously sized aluminum fin condenser with epoxy resin coating, lowering vulnerability to ambient corrosion

· High quality brazed plate heat exchanger gets higher heat exchanging efficiency.

Built-in Hydronic Module

· The unit integrates a buffer tank and a large-flow circulation pump for easy installation and use. 

· Inlet and outlet water bypass valves are equipped to adjust the water pressure as needed. 

· The water tank sight glass allows the water level and water quality to be checked at a glance.

Available Option Configuration for Air-cooled Scroll Chillers

· Closed circuit version to allow the use of an external chilled water reservoir

· Expansion tank for water circuit pressure stablization

· Complete stainless steel(or food grade and medical grade) water circuit

· Dual water circuits version for △t>8K

· Remote control panel 

· PLC control system & color touch screen HMI, PROFINET connection supported

· Control accuracy up to ±1k

· R134a refrigerant version for ambient temperature up to 60℃

· Heat recovery module 

Product Details of Air Cooled Scroll Chillers

Air Cooled Industrial Chillers - 1 to 40 Ton 

 Air Cooled Industrial Chillers - 1 to 40 Ton

Air Cooled Industrial Chillers - 1 to 40 Ton 

 Air Cooled Industrial Chillers - 1 to 40 Ton

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Frequently Asked Questions

At SENHO, we prioritize the reliability of our air-cooled scroll chillers through precise and controlled production and quality control processes. From the selection of top-level components to the assembly and testing stages, every step undergoes a meticulous inspection and adherence to industry standards. This ensures that our air-cooled scroll chillers deliver consistent performance, durability, and reliability for our customers' cooling needs.

SENHO air-cooled scroll chillers prioritize a low noise operation, and this is achieved through the use of Danfoss or Copeland hermetic scroll compressors. These compressors are known for their advanced design and engineering, which helps to minimize vibration and noise levels during operation. Therefore, our air-cooled scroll chillers provide quiet and efficient cooling solutions for various industries and applications.

SENHO air-cooled scroll chillers provide top-level cooling solution capabilities for a wide range of cooling applications. With their high energy efficiency, reliable performance, and precise temperature control, our air-cooled scroll chillers ensure optimal cooling results. Whether it's for industrial processes, commercial buildings, or other cooling needs, our air-cooled scroll chillers provide a dependable and efficient cooling solution.

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