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Air-cooled Central Chillers

CRA Series - Screw Compressor
Air-cooled Central Chillers
  • Air-cooled Central Chillers
  • Air-cooled Central Chillers
Air-cooled Central ChillersAir-cooled Central Chillers

    The excellent quality of our air-cooled central chillers can be attributed to the top quality components, such as Bitzer and Hanbell screw compressors, Schneider electric accessories, and Siemens PLCs. At the same time, the inherent rigorous attitude of Senho, as well as strict production and quality control processes, also ensure the stability and durability of our air-cooled screw chillers.

    Senho's engineers are experienced to provide you with the most professional medium and large cooling solutions.

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Standard Products Available Range

· Cooling capacity range: 105KW to 928KW, or modular type to get higher capacity

· Set temperature range: 5℃ to 30℃

· Temperature controlling vibration: ±1℃

Siemens S7-200 Smart Series Programmable Logic Controller

· Intelligent and comprehensive controlling and monitoring. 

· PROFINET and RS-485 communication protocol for easy and economical controlling expansion.

10-inch Touch Screen Operation Panel

· Intuitive training-free operation interface with unit running status at one glance. 

· Detailed alarm information indicating for fast troubleshooting.  

· Comprehensive unit running status record.

Europe Version Schneider Electric Parts

· Higher standard components to realize a more stable and longer service life.

Semi-hermetic Screw Compressors

· Energy-saving four-grade capacity control, minimizing the impact on the electricity grid when start-up.

· Close cooperation with compressor manufacturers for decades has enabled SENHO to maximize the efficiency of top brand compressors.

Heat Exchanging Parts

· Generously sized aluminum fin condenser with epoxy resin coating, lowering vulnerability to ambient corrosion while assuring a high heat dissipation rate.

· Rationally designed shell and tube evaporator with high-quality carbon steel and threaded copper tube, high efficiency and low possibility of blockage.

Available Options

· Built-in hydronic module

· Expansion tank for water circuit pressure stabilization

· Complete stainless steel(or food grade and medical grade) water circuit parts

· Remote control panel 

· Control accuracy up to ±1k

· R134a refrigerant version for ambient temperature up to 60℃

· Heat recovery module 

· Low ambient temperature running proof

Product Details

Air-cooled Central Chillers

Air-cooled Central Chillers

Air-cooled Central Chillers

Air-cooled Central Chillers

Air-cooled Central Chillers

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