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Process Chillers

SENHO process chillers are with compact design for flexible use. Abundant configuration options make our process chiller capable of various process cooling tasks.

The high quality and stable performance make SENHO process chillers your perfect choice for small and medium scale process cooling.

Available Configurations for Process Chillers 

to Meet the Needs of Different Applications

· Complete stainless steel water parts for dionized or purified water for high precision equipments.

· Food grade or medical grade water parts for food or beverage process or pharmaceutical industry.

· Higher pressure and larger volume chilled water pump for high-speed plastic machines including injection machines or blowing machines.

· Corrosion resistance water parts for acid fluid, for surface treatment such as anodizing and plating.

· Dual chilled water circuits design for large inlet and outlet temperature difference application.

Standard process chillers are with 1KW to 203.8KW cooling capacity range, including both air-cooled process chiller and water-cooled process chiller.  

SENHO experienced engineering team is qualified to provide a most suitable industrial process chiller and process cooling solution for your unique need. 

An correctly selected process chiller provides better performance and longer service life. Please let our specialists know more details about your process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At SENHO, the defining feature of our process chillers is their space-saving design, offering flexibility in a variety of applications. Our process chillers are carefully designed to meet different process cooling needs, ensuring efficient and reliable performance. With abundant configuration options, SENHO process chillers for sale can cater to diverse industries and cooling requirements.

In SENHO process chillers, we use corrosion-resistant water parts specifically designed to withstand the effects of acid fluids. These specialized water parts ensure the longevity and reliability of the process chiller, making it suitable for applications involving surface treatment, such as anodizing and plating. Our process chillers are built to handle challenging environments effectively.

The dual chilled water circuit design of SENHO process chillers is specifically engineered to address applications with large temperature differences. By having separate circuits for the inlet and outlet water, the process chiller can effectively manage and control the temperature variances, ensuring optimal performance and precise temperature regulation for different industrial processes.

The cooling capacity range of standard industrial process chillers offered by SENHO is from 1KW to 203.8KW. These process chillers are available in both air-cooled and water-cooled configurations, providing a wide range of options to meet the cooling requirements of different industrial applications. SENHO's process chillers are manufactured to deliver stable and efficient performance for small to medium-scale process cooling needs.

As a leading process chillers manufacturer, SENHO is dedicated to providing customized solutions tailored to specific process cooling needs. Our experienced engineering team can work closely with customers to understand their unique requirements and design process chillers that meet their exact specifications. With a wide selection of configuration options, SENHO ensures that our process chillers are capable of handling various process cooling tasks with high quality and performance.

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