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Portable Chillers - 1 to 20 Ton

PRA Series - 3 to 70kW
Portable Chillers - 1 to 20 Ton
  • Portable Chillers - 1 to 20 Ton
  • Portable Chillers - 1 to 20 Ton
Portable Chillers - 1 to 20 TonPortable Chillers - 1 to 20 Ton

    Portable chillers provide a high degree of flexibility and convenience for your process cooling. The powerful castors at the bottom make them easy to reposition.Reasonable and compact structural design allows them to provide stable and efficient performance without a lot of space.

    We offer a complete range of air-cooled and water-cooled portable chillers for you to choose from. At the same time, if you need advice on solutions & model selection, our experts are ready to serve you.

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Standard Features

l  Portable chillers range from 1 - 20 tons(3 - 70 kW)

l  Bottom casters provide strong support and flexibility, easy for relocation

l   Control temperature from 7℃ to 30℃ 

l   Danfoss hermetic scroll compressor

l   Microprocessor Controller provides precise temperature control and complete protection on both chiller and production process

l   Nonferrous process fluid circuit.

l   Both air cooled portable chiller and water cooled portable chiller for option

l   Quietly running condenser fan provides efficient air volume for heat rejection, with motor separated from the fan guard

l   Built-in polyurethane insulated reservoir with large capacity and a removable top for maintenance

l   Nickle plating plate evaporator to stay away from abrasion and corrosion

l   Easily removable side panel allows convenient clearance and maintenance

Available Options

l  Close circuit evaporator for open circuit using spot

l   316L stainless steel food grade(or higher) fluid circuit

l   Enlarged condenser or R134a unit for healthily running under higher working ambient

l   Remote control panel

l   PLC control system, offer more intuitionistic operation and monitoring

l   Higher pressure water supply pump for different applications

l   Hot gas by-pass to get more stable temperature control


WARRANTY logo15 months parts warranty

12 months labor warranty

2 years for touch screen

3 years for programmable logic controller

Extendable warranty up to 5 years

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