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As a professional water chiller manufacturer, SENHO provides full-range of chiller units for industrial process cooling and commercial use. 

The support of strong technical team allows SENHO to provide not only high-quality standard water chillers for your applications, but also customized liquide cooling solutions to meet your special needs. 

█ Available Range of SENHO Water Chillers

· Both air & water-cooled type water chillers

· Cooling capacity range from 1KW to 5000KW

· One-to-one cooling and one-to-many central cooling solutions

· Working ambient temperature from -35℃ to 60℃

· Cooling fluid temperature from -40℃ to 30℃

· Food grade or medical grade water chillers for process hygiene

With the professional ability to choose the most suitable water cooling solution according to actual working conditions and applications, and the strong motivation to provide top quality water chillers, SENHO is now serving users in more than 40 countries in the world. 

A properly sized water chiller provides better performance and longer service life. Please let our specialists know more about your need.

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