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Air Cooled Glycol Chillers

PLA, CLA Series - Low Temperature Chillers
Air Cooled Glycol Chillers
  • Air Cooled Glycol Chillers
  • Air Cooled Glycol Chillers
Air Cooled Glycol ChillersAir Cooled Glycol Chillers

    PLA and CLA series air-cooled glycol chiller for -35℃ to 5℃ temperature range, cooling capacity from 1KW to 900KW. Strict quality control and strong ability of designing and manufacturing make SENHO your reliable partner for air-cooled glycol chillers. 

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Air Cooled Glycol Chillers

Standard Product Available Range for Air-cooled Glycol Chiller

· Cooling capacity range: 1KW to 900KW

· Set temperature range: -40℃ to 5℃

· Temperature controlling accuracy: ±1℃

Smart Microprocessor Controller 

· Comprehensive monitoring and precise temperature control, text display and audible alarm for running failure. 

· MODBUS and RS-485 communication protocol supported version available on request.

· Siemens programmable logic controller and 10-in color touch screen for CLA series.

Europe Version Schneider Electric Parts

· Higher standard electricity components against circuit aging.

· More stable performance and longer service life.

Top Brand Compressors for Reliable Cooling

· Danfoss or Copeland scroll compressor, Bitzer semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor for PLA series, according to different needs of applications.

· Bitzer or Hanbell semi-hermetic screw compressor for CLA series.

Heat Exchanging Parts

· Generously sized aluminum fin condenser with epoxy resin coating, lowering vulnerability to ambient corrosion.

· High-quality shell and tube or brazed plate type evaporator get higher heat exchanging efficiency.

Built-in Hydronic Module

· PLA series air-cooled glycol chiller integrates a buffer tank and a large-flow low-temperature fluid pump for easy installation and use.

· Inlet and outlet water bypass valves are equipped to adjust the water pressure as needed.

· The water tank sight glass allows the water level and water quality to be checked at a glance.

· Same configuration is available on request for CLA air-cooled glycol chillers.

Available Options of Configurations to Make It More Suitable For Your Process Cooling

· Closed-circuit version for an external tank application

· Expansion tank for water circuit pressure stabilization

· Complete stainless steel(or food grade and medical grade) water circuit

· Dual water circuits version for large temperature difference >8K

· Remote control panel 

· PLC control system & color touch screen HMI, PROFINET connection supported

· R134a refrigerant version for ambient temperature up to 60℃

· Heat recovery module for energy reuse

Product Details

Air Cooled Glycol Chillers

Air Cooled Glycol Chillers

Air Cooled Glycol Chillers

Air Cooled Glycol Chillers

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