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1 to 60 Ton Industrial Chillers

SENHO industrial chillers are with compact design for flexible use. They feature Danfoss or Copeland hermetic scroll compressors, and built-in hydronic modules for convenient use. 

The high quality and stable performance make our industrial chillers your perfect choice for small and medium scale process cooling.

Available Configurations for Industrial Chillers 

to Meet the Needs of Different Applications

· Complete stainless steel water parts for dionized or purified water for high precision equipments.

· Food grade or medical grade water parts for food or beverage process or pharmaceutical industry.

· Higher pressure and larger volume chilled water pump for high-speed plastic machines including injection machines or blowing machines.

· Corrosion resistance water parts for acid fluid, for surface treatment such as anodizing and plating.

· Dual chilled water circuits design for large inlet and outlet temperature difference application.

Standard industrial chillers are with 1KW to 203.8KW cooling capacity range, including both air-cooled industrial chiller and water-cooled industrial chiller.  

SENHO experienced engineering team is qualified to provide a most suitable industrial chiller and process cooling solution for your unique need. 

An industrial chiller with correct model selection provides better performance and longer service life. Please let our specialists know more details about your process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As one of the leading industrial chiller manufacturers, SENHO takes pride in offering industrial chillers with key features that set us apart. Our chillers boast a compact design, high-quality Danfoss or Copeland hermetic scroll compressors, and built-in hydronic modules for convenience. We offer lots of chiller options to perfectly fit your industrial or commercial water-cooling needs.

At SENHO, we use high-quality Danfoss or Copeland hermetic scroll compressors in our industrial chillers. These compressors are preferred for their reliability, energy efficiency, and precise temperature control, making them ideal for industrial chiller applications. They ensure optimal performance which helps our industrial chillers to deliver superior cooling solutions to our customers.

At SENHO, we offer industrial chillers with a cooling capacity range of 1KW to 203.8KW. Our chiller industrial models include both air-cooled and water-cooled options, providing versatile solutions for various cooling needs in industrial settings. Our industrial chillers are the perfect choice for small or medium-scale processes, delivering reliable and efficient cooling performance.

As a leading industrial chiller manufacturer, SENHO offers specialized industrial chillers with food-grade or medical-grade water parts to meet the specific requirements of the food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Our chillers are designed in a way that helps in maintaining high standards of hygiene and precision, ensuring safe and efficient cooling for these critical sectors.

As a reputable industrial chiller manufacturer, SENHO provides both air-cooled and water-cooled industrial chillers. The optimal choice depends on several factors such as available space, cooling requirements, and environmental conditions. Our team of experts assists customers in selecting the most suitable chiller for their specific applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

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