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Protection devices in a Senho chiller

Sep. 09, 2017

1.   Motor overload protection

Including for compressor motors, water pump motors and fan motors.

There are some situations that will cause damage to motors in an industrial chiller, such as instable voltage, ambient temperature too high which mostly caused by poor ventilation, returning water temperature too high, etc. In these cases the motor running current will get higher than its safe range, which might damage the motor if keep it working. Built in protection for overload will shut down the chiller and warn you if the motors are working unhealthily.


2.   Compressor motor overheat protection

Compressor is the heart of an industrial chiller, it reflects problem of the whole chiller unit. The situation causes compressor motor overheat includes poor ventilation, dusty condenser, refrigerant circuit blocking, lack of refrigerant, etc.

This alarm reminds you to check through the chiller unit, prevent it from burning out because of unhealthy working condition. 


3.   Discharge temperature overhigh protection

Discharge temperature overhigh normally caused by high suction temperature, high compressor motor temperature, lack of refrigerant, etc. It works as supplementary of compressor motor overheat.


4.   High&low pressure protection

High pressure normally caused by poor ventilation, dusty condenser, refrigerant circuit blocking, etc.

Low temperature caused by lack of refrigerant, system blocking and so on.


5.   Returning water overheat protection

Chiller supply cold water to cool the production process, normally the returning water temperature will be 3 to 8 higher than supplied water. If the chiller is not creating cooling energy, or the chiller capacity is not enough for the application, the temperature in the circuit will get higher and higher. This will cause damage for the production even the equipment.

While a chiller got an alarm function for returning water temperature, we can learn the situation promptly and make reaction.


6.   Low water flow/level protection

For a chiller with no open-circuit water tank, there will be a water flow switch to make sure the water circuit is working, preventing both production process and chiller unit from harmed by circuit blocking or water leaking.


7.   Phase protection

If an industrial chiller was falsely wired, motors will revert, which is a serious problem for all the motors. Phase protection will remind you to connect the power in a right way.


8.   Anti-freezing protection

This function prevents the water in the circuit from freezing, so to make sure the cooling circuit working in a healthy condition. 

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