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Cooling Made Intelligent: Exploring the Advanced Features of Water-Cooled Screw Chillers

Dec. 10, 2023

Selecting a suitable cooling system for a commercial or industrial building is a crucial decision that can make a difference in the property’s cooling efficiency and energy consumption. This is especially true for medium- and large-scale applications, as the wrong system could lead to higher energy bills, equipment failure, downtime, and loss of profit. Thankfully, there are intelligent cooling options, such as the water-cooled screw chiller.

Water-cooled screw chillers are sophisticated systems designed to cool large spaces and buildings efficiently. They work by recirculating water from a cooling tower to exchange heat. In this process, water sourced from the cooling system passes through a condenser and cooling tower. It then transforms into cool air that is distributed throughout a building or industrial space. Renowned for their reliability and durability, these types of screw chillers are often the preferred choice for substantial cooling requirements, offering a wide range of capacities from 121 KW to 2154 KW.

However, it's important to note that not all water-cooled screw chillers are created equal. The highest quality chillers are those produced by manufacturers who select top-grade components, ensuring extended service life and optimal performance. When selecting a water-cooled screw chiller, it's crucial to understand its features and capabilities to confirm that it meets your specific cooling needs efficiently and powerfully.

Some advanced features to look for in water-cooled screw chillers include:

  1. Compact size - Some water-cooled screw chillers have a small footprint and operate with less noise while being suitable for medium- to large-scale cooling. They are easier to set up and use without disrupting operations.

  1. Reliable screw-type compressors - High-quality water-cooled screw chillers are equipped with screw-type compressors from established brands such as Hanbell and Bitzer to make them suitable for large- and medium-scale cooling applications. These chillers can efficiently cool any building, from commercial spaces to manufacturing facilities. Additionally, these compressors feature a four-grade capacity control for smoother start-ups without severe consequences on the electricity grid.

  1. Smart controls - Reputable manufacturers equip their water-cooled screw chiller with comprehensive and intelligent monitoring and controlling solutions, such as the Siemens S7-200 Smart Series Programmable Logic Controller. These units are also compatible with RS-485 and PROFINET communication protocols, making it more cost-effective and straightforward to manage and expand the control system.

  1. Intuitive operation – Choose a chiller with an intuitive operation interface centered on a user-friendly 10-inch touchscreen panel. Operators can easily view the chiller’s running status at a glance and access detailed alarm information on the screen for quick and effective troubleshooting.

  1. Longer and more stable service life – High-standard components ensure the cost-effectiveness of water-cooled screw chillers in the long run. Top manufacturers use the European version of Schneider electric parts for more stable performance and longer service life.

  1. Better heat exchanging parts – A well-designed water-cooled screw chiller features an efficiently sized shell and tube condenser that excels in heat exchange. This design not only improves heat exchange efficiency but also mitigates risks associated with poor water quality. Moreover, these chillers typically include a high-efficiency tube and shell evaporator, incorporating high-quality threaded and carbon steel copper tubes. This design minimizes blockages and maximizes performance, ensuring the chiller operates at its best.

  1. Customizable for every application – Manufacturers can configure water-cooled screw chillers to meet specific process cooling requirements. Here are some features they can include in a custom unit:


Get the most advanced water-cooled screw chillers.

Experience intelligent cooling with a SENHO water-cooled screw chiller. With a cooling capacity of 121 KW to 2154 KW, SENHO’s solution is perfect for medium- and large-scale applications. We can customize a chiller according to your needs. Contact our specialists for recommendations.

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