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Leading the Way: Trusted Process Chillers Manufacturers

Nov. 27, 2023

Industrial processes usually produce heat energy. This excess heat can negatively affect both the machinery and the final products. As seasoned manufacturers of process chillers, we recognize the critical need for reliable equipment that can control temperatures effectively without increasing energy costs. This understanding drives our commitment to providing cooling solutions that balance efficient temperature regulation with energy efficiency, ensuring smooth and safe manufacturing processes.

At SENHO, we design and manufacture high-quality process chillers to meet that requirement. Plus, we carefully configure every process chiller for sale to meet every customer’s unique needs to ensure an efficient and reliable product to boost their productivity and maximize their ROI.

We are proud to be recognized as a top manufacturer of process cooling equipment and water chillers in China. Since 2008, our team of experienced and earnest professionals has continued to innovate industrial cooling solutions to meet changing requirements and provide optimum solutions for every business. Today, our process chillers are known for their compact sizing and flexibility, as we configure them in different ways for specific cooling tasks. We are confident in their stable and reliable performance in small and medium-scale process cooling.

Why use a process chiller?

Process chillers are thermal devices that help dissipate the heat generated by certain manufacturing processes. Their system runs chilled water through a closed loop to reduce process temperatures. Circulating the heated water through the chiller unit goes through a continuous refrigeration and absorption cycle while eliminating process heat. Then, the liquid is compressed from its vaporized state to enforce the cooling effect. This cooling process makes these chillers effective at removing heat from various processes, such as lasers, vacuum coating, anodizing and plating, and food and beverage processing.

Designed for your needs

Our years of experience as process chillers manufacturers have made us more adaptable to the needs of our customers. As such, we offer different configurations for our process chillers to meet every application. Here are a few examples of how we customize the function, features, and performance of our process chillers:

What we offer

The cooling capacity of a standard SENHO process chiller for sale ranges from 1 KW to 203.8 KW. This applies to both water-cooled and air-cooled process chillers. Our experienced engineering team can also customize solutions to suit special requirements. We recommend consulting them to ensure you have a correctly sized process chiller that will last long and guarantee optimum performance. Don’t hesitate to tell us your process requirements.

Our options

As process chillers manufacturers, we are proud to offer the following solutions to meet specific needs:

Tell us your process cooling requirements now so we can help you choose the best process chiller for sale. All SENHO products are proudly made in China with stringent quality control measures and are covered by reliable warranties for your peace of mind.

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