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Air-Cooled Industrial Chillers: Efficient Cooling Solutions for Industrial Applications

Jul. 15, 2023

Using an air-cooled chiller offers several advantages, especially when dealing with water scarcity and poor water quality prevalent in your area. This is particularly crucial for power plants and industries that heavily rely on water for their daily processes, either directly or indirectly. However, the benefits of air-cooled industrial chillers extend beyond water-related concerns.


Even if water access restrictions and environmental conditions are not a factor, businesses seeking an alternative to water chillers for large-scale cooling can consider air-cooled chillers. These systems are available with cooling capacities ranging from 1 KW to 928 KW, making them suitable for a wide range of cooling needs.


About air-cooled chillers


If water-cooled chillers use cooling towers to create a stream of humid air, air-cooled variants rely on a current of ambient air to remove heat. Although water-cooled chillers are more efficient and cheaper, advanced technologies and modern manufacturing and engineering methods resulted in newer air-cooled chiller models that are as efficient and effective as their water-cooled counterparts.


Today, leading manufacturers are making air-cooled chillers with strong axial fans and larger epoxy-coated aluminum condensers for effective heat removal and reliable performance, even in heavy-duty and demanding industrial environments. Plus, they use top components on every air-cooled industrial chiller for a longer lifespan and long-term cost-efficiency.


Designed for various working conditions and applications


The most advanced air-cooled industrial chillers have a smaller footprint to simplify installation, even in the most limited spaces. Plus, they feature modular-type designs to make them easier to expand and adapt to growing cooling processes. With a reputable manufacturer, you can request specific features and components to meet your exact requirements, like the following:



·     Heavy-duty industrial air-cooled chillers for processes with high ambient temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius

·     Screw-type, reciprocating-type, or scroll-type compressors

·     Corrosion- or acid-resistant heat exchangers to suit surface treatment cooling processes

·     Stainless steel heat exchangers to safely cool deionized water in medical and food process cooling.


Discover the best air-cooled solution for your business


Here at SENHO, we can help you find the best air-cooled industrial chiller or any professional custom cooling solution for your application. Share your requirements with us, and we’ll get back to you with a quote and more information on our products.

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