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Enhancing Cooling Performance: The Role of Central Chillers

Jul. 10, 2023

Manufacturing processes generate uncomfortable ambient conditions that can harm your product, damage equipment, and negatively impact employee health. With ancillary systems, the heat could boost ambient temperatures by at least 11 degrees Celsius or 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a central chiller is the best way to effectively and safely dissipate heat. It can meet different process cooling requirements while ensuring high energy efficiency for the most demanding, high-temperature applications.

Central chillers are designed with the controls, refrigeration unit, and pumping system integrated into a single unit. In some cases, the pumping system may be installed separately from the chiller. This design makes central chillers particularly suitable for applications that require higher cooling capacities.

One of the significant advantages of using a central chiller is its ability to cool multiple processes simultaneously. Instead of purchasing individual chillers for each process, a central chiller can handle the cooling requirements for all processes. This not only saves costs but also streamlines the cooling system, making it more efficient and easier to manage. Furthermore, central chillers are modular units that can be seamlessly added to existing systems and expanded as needed to accommodate growing cooling capacities. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt and scale their cooling capabilities according to their evolving needs.

Designed for modern industries

Top manufacturers of central chillers now offer models with a small footprint to fit any setting, even production floors with limited space. Despite the more compact size, the chillers feature a rational design and first-class configurations to meet your exact process cooling requirements. Additionally, they operate more quietly to minimize disruptions.

How efficient are modern central chillers?

Reputable manufacturers offer high-quality water-cooled central chillers with cooling capacities from 105 KW to 31660 KW, at a set temperature range from 5 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the central chiller is easier to use with a 10-inch touchscreen user panel and an intelligent programmable logic controller compliant with RS-485 and PROFINET communication protocols.

Besides the improved cooling performance, central chillers can bring more savings to your business with high-performance and durable parts that help minimize the need for repairs or frequent replacements. The best ones feature Europe-version Schneider electric parts for longer service life and stable performance. Plus, they have generously sized heat exchangers and cutting-edge screw-type compressors.

Enhance your cooling performance now

Discover the best selection of industrial central chillers here at SENHO. Our engineering team can also design a custom central chiller for you. Contact us with your requirements!

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