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Round type cooling tower

Round type cooling tower
  • Round type cooling tower
Round type cooling tower

    Cooling tower is normally used for the cases which don't need the cooling temperature to be below ambient temperature, and no requirement for temperature control accuracy. For example, cooling for hydraulic oil system for plastic machines.

    Cooling tower is also a necssity for water cooled type chiller for its condenser. 

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  • Round type counter flow induced draft

  • Range from 8Ton to 2000Ton

  • Fiber glass reinforced polyester body

  • Aluminum alloy or fiberglass fan blade

  • Completely sealed motor suitable for outdoor working condition

  • Galvanized steel motor holder and fan guard

  • Fiberglass eliminator

  • Motor direct drive for smaller models, v-belt drive for bigger models

  • Large surface and endurable PVC infill

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