30-600 Ton Water Cooled Glycol Chillers

Capacity - 40 to 600 HP
  • 30-600 Ton Water Cooled  Glycol Chillers
  • 30-600 Ton Water Cooled  Glycol Chillers
30-600 Ton Water Cooled  Glycol Chillers 30-600 Ton Water Cooled  Glycol Chillers

    Water cooled screw glycol chillers features top brand semi-hermetic screw compressor such as Germany Bitzer & Taiwan Hanbell brand. Same as other SENHO water chillers with screw compressor, water cooled screw glycol chillers are also equipped with Siemens PLC and 10-inch touch screen, 4-grade capacity control for minimizing compact to electricity grid.

    Standard products range 76 to 1056 kW cooling capacity, which can satisfy most applications. In addition to that, SENHO offers customization service for all product range. 

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Standard Features 

l  Cooling capacity range from 76kW to 1056kW

l   Minimum cooling water temperature -30℃

l   Bitzer/Hanbell semi-hermetic screw compressor

l   4 grade capacity control to minimize the impact to power network

l   Danfoss/Alco thermal components

l   Schneider electricity parts

l   Siemens programable logic controller

l   10 inch touch screen user-friendly interface

l   Uniquely designed shell and tube condensers

l   Rationally structured shell and tube evaporator, avoid blockage to the maximum

l   Reserved port for chilled water pump control

Optional Features

l   Complete corrosion resistance water loop for bine coolant application

l   Remote control for distance operation

l   Central integrated control for multi-units 

l   Plate type evaporator and condenser to get more compact unit size(only recommend for high water quality application)

l   Flooded shell and tube evaporator 


15 months parts warranty

12 months labor warranty

2 years for touch screen

3 years for programmable logic controller

Extendable warranty up to 5 years

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