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Powerful Performance: Why Water-Cooled Screw Chillers Are Industry Favorites

Aug. 30, 2023

Screw chillers are a common choice in various industries that need a dependable solution for process cooling. These types of chillers, known as vapor compressor chillers, use a screw compressor to circulate the coolant within the system. While there are air-cooled screw chillers, the water-cooled version is more prevalent in many industries, especially those in need of small- to medium-scale cooling solutions.

A water-cooled screw chiller offers advantages such as consistent and quiet operation, low maintenance expenses, space-efficient installation, and enhanced energy efficiency. It's also suitable for use in high-rise buildings.

However, reaping these benefits is contingent on the chiller's design and manufacturing quality. This is why it’s crucial to work with a well-known and skilled manufacturer of industrial cooling solutions so you can secure top-quality water-cooled screw chillers that deliver on the promised features. Leading manufacturers stand behind their water-cooled screw chillers, ensuring they provide these benefits and more:

Rational design and first-class configuration

With a solid internal and external structure, a high-quality water-cooled screw chiller is guaranteed to run on a strong foundation to ensure stable performance all the time. Manufacturers choose parts only from top brands, like Siemens for the programmable logic controller and Hanbell or Bitzer for the semi-hermetic screw-type compressor. Moreover, they take the time to test and verify every component before including it in the chiller. They apply an established production process to ensure reliable pipe connections, welded parts, and other critical aspects of the chiller.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

High-quality water-cooled screw chillers undergo strict quality control to ensure a high-performance and reliable process cooling solution for every application. Additionally, many configuration options are available with specialty parts like an integrated hydronic module, stainless steel water circuits, a heat recovery module, and a remote control panel to meet specific requirements.

Discover the benefits of water-cooled screw chillers

Contact our specialists here at SENHO Machinery, and we’ll supply the best water-cooled screw chiller for your business. As process cooling experts, we use only high-quality screw compressors from Bitzer and Hanbell to ensure a reliable and high-performance solution that can boost your productivity and operations.

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