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From Small Businesses to Large Plants: The Versatility of Industrial Chillers

Aug. 21, 2023

Process cooling is essential to many industries, as it maintains both safety and peak performance levels. If not managed properly, surplus heat can build up, adversely affecting both equipment and machinery. This is why having a reliable chiller specifically tailored for industrial processes is vital. 

The key to effective heat removal and precise temperature control lies in selecting the correct-sized industrial chiller. This component is vital for ensuring that working processes remain efficient, productive, and safe. It does this by absorbing, transferring, and dissipating unwanted heat, making it an indispensable tool for industrial plants of all sizes, including small, medium, and large facilities.

Made for specific requirements

Industrial environments differ from one another, and that makes it necessary to choose the right-sized chiller configured to the application’s exact requirements. The chiller may be for cooling industrial equipment like machine tools, injection molding processes, and lasers or maintaining the right temperature for process fluids like oils and chemicals. When these substances and processes overheat, they could cause equipment failure and become unsafe for workers.

Additionally, a chiller is necessary for industrial processes like printing, chemical processing, and plastics manufacturing. Many food and beverage plants also depend on industrial chillers to maintain proper temperatures during manufacturing or product storage.

How these chillers benefit plants

Modern industrial chillers are more energy efficient than before. Moreover, their lifespans are longer to eliminate the need for frequent repairs or costly replacements within a few years. Reputable manufacturers ensure high-quality chillers by using only the best components, such as Copeland or Danfoss hermetic scroll compressors, and built-in hydronic modules to increase convenience.

Choosing a chiller requires knowing specific industrial requirements for the application. This way, the manufacturer can recommend the best process cooling solution with the right configurations. They can provide stainless steel water parts for high-precision equipment using deionized or purified water or configure the chiller with a high-volume and high-pressure water pump to keep up with high-speed plastic machines. Dual-chilled water circuits are also available for applications with large outlet and inlet temperature differences.

Made to suit your application

Those are some ways we can configure a chiller for industrial use, but we offer more here at SENHO Machinery. So, don’t hesitate to connect with us here for other solutions. Our professionals can recommend the best products or customize an industrial chiller for you.

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