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Air Chillers: Versatile Cooling Solutions for Diverse Applications

Aug. 05, 2023

Different industries vary in terms of their process cooling requirements and applications, so they need different solutions that are easy to install and maintain and can guarantee uptime and productivity. The best option for medium to large-scale cooling is the air chiller


Reliable manufacturers provide these air chillers equipped with substantial epoxy-coated aluminum condensers and sturdy axial fans. These features are designed to efficiently remove heat from the industrial processes, making them suitable even for demanding work conditions. The thoughtful design and construction, combined with the use of high-quality components, result in air chillers that are not only high in quality but also dependable for various applications.


Designed for various applications


Air-cooled chillers are used in many industrial and commercial facilities to dehumidify air or cool fluids. This makes them useful in various settings, including manufacturing and industrial plants, sporting arenas, hotels, and large-scale construction projects. Despite their versatility, these air chillers feature a compact footprint for easier installation, even in the most limited spaces. Using an air chiller is also beneficial where water access restrictions or environmental conditions exist.


What makes them versatile?


Water-cooled chillers are typically more efficient and cost-effective, but places with limited or no direct access to water will have a problem using them. Air chillers don’t require cooling towers and help reduce maintenance costs. Plus, they are easier to operate without additional water or chemical costs. In case of a disaster, water problems will be the least of the concerns during remediation.


Wider cooling capacity range


Modern air chillers come in a wide cooling capacity from 1 KW to 928 KW in standard models. These products often do well in heavy-duty operations, especially with high ambient temperatures of up to 60 degrees, like in surface treatment and industrial processes, medical applications, and food processing.


However, manufacturers can customize the air chiller to meet higher cooling capacity needs. Here at SENHO, our design team can tailor the equipment for specific applications, like stainless steel heat exchangers for medical use or food process cooling and acid and corrosion-resistant heat exchangers for surface treatment.


Find the best air chillers here!


Tell us your application and special requirements by leaving a message here at SENHO Machinery. Our team will suggest or customize a correctly sized air chiller to guarantee enhanced performance and a longer service life.


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