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Air Apparent: The Power of Air Chillers Explained

Mar. 07, 2024

At SENHO, we manufacture industrial chillers to meet your unique process cooling requirements. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance and easy-to-install solution with minimal water loss, we recommend our air chiller, especially for heavy-duty operations. 

Our air-cooled chillers have strong axial fans and a generously sized epoxy-coated aluminum condenser for reliable heat removal that doesn’t fail, even in the most demanding conditions. We take pride in our exceptional processing skills and the use of high-quality components in the design and manufacturing of our products, positioning us as the leading source for chillers for sale in China.

Wondering if an air-cooled chiller is the right choice for your operations? Understanding how it operates is key. Continue reading this blog for insights. We'll also highlight what sets our products apart from the competition.

How does it work?

Similar to its water-cooled counterpart, an air-cooled chiller works by taking in warm water and transferring its heat to a refrigerant in the evaporator. This cooled water is then circulated through a primary supply system into the space that needs cooling. Meanwhile, the refrigerant, now carrying the absorbed heat, moves to the compressor, where its temperature and pressure are increased. This heated refrigerant then flows into the condenser.

In the condenser, fans draw outside air across it, removing the heat from the refrigerant and releasing it into the surrounding air. After losing its heat, the refrigerant proceeds to the expansion valve, where its pressure and temperature are lowered before it cycles back to the evaporator, ready to absorb more heat from the incoming water.

Essentially, the working principle of an air-cooled chiller for sale is based on heat absorption from the processed water. After the air handler depletes the water, it becomes warm and returns to the chiller, where the evaporator transfers heat from the water.

Why use air-cooled chillers?

Our air chiller guarantees low water loss and easy maintenance, making it ideal for areas with poor water quality or scarce water sources. Plus, it’s suitable for various applications, including:

At SENHO, we customize every air-cooled chiller for sale to meet cooling capacity needs from 1 KW to 928 KW. We make sure each is correctly sized to your requirements for optimum operations and a longer service life. In addition, we use a modular design for these chillers to make them easy to expand and accommodate larger process cooling needs.

Customized for your requirements

As process cooling experts, we understand that no air chiller is one-size-fits-all. We want to know your exact requirements so that we can customize the best solution for your specific application and working conditions. Here are some of the ways we configure each air-cooled chiller for sale:

Why SENHO air-cooled chillers?

At SENHO, we offer professional customized air chiller solutions to provide a properly selected solution that performs according to your exact cooling requirements. Here are reasons why we are the best place to get a chiller for sale:

High-quality components

We use only brand-name components like Copeland or Danfoss hermetic scroll compressors for an industrial air chiller and Hanbell or Bitzer semi-hermetic screw compressors for central chillers.


Here at SENHO, you can find a chiller for sale with cooling capacities from 1 KW to 928 KW (air-cooled low-temperature models), 76 KW to 928 KW (central chillers), and 1 KW to 184.8 KW (industrial model).

Configured to your needs

A SENHO industrial air chiller has a built-in hydronic module for the chilled water tank and pump. Meanwhile, we make sure our central air-cooled chillers are easy to use with the Siemens S7-200 Smart Series Programmable Logic Controller. For our low-temperature models, you can choose brine, propylene glycol, or ethylene glycol as your cooling medium.

Get the best air-cooled chillers today.

Contact us here at SENHO and let us know your process cooling needs. We are ready to recommend the right products and solutions for your business.

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