Air Cooled Industrial Chillers - 1 to 40 Ton

Air Cooled Process Chillers
  • Air Cooled Industrial Chillers - 1 to 40 Ton
Air Cooled Industrial Chillers - 1 to 40 Ton

    SENHO air cooled industrial chillers feature high energy efficiency and low noise. In addition to top-level configurations, the superior quality of Senho products is attributed to excellent structural design and strict production and quality control processes. The complete product range, reliable product quality, and top-level refrigeration solution capabilities enable SENHO air cooled scroll chillers to serve a growing number of industries and customers.

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Product Features

l  Air Cooled Industrial Chillers range from 2 to 40 Tons (For bigger capacity, go to Central Chillers.)

l   Control temperature from 5℃ to 30℃ 

l   Danfoss hermetic scroll compressor

l   Eco-friendly refrigerant, non-ozone depleting. R22 refrigerant available on request

l   Microprocessor Controller provides precise temperature control and complete protection on both chiller and production process

l   Nonferrous water circuit piping 

l   Water Level sight glass

l   Water circuit by-pass valve, avoiding freezing due to insufficient flow

l   Generously sized air-cooled condensers for industrial environments with ambient temperatures up to 45℃

l   Quietly running condenser fan provides efficient air volume for heat rejection, with motor separated from the fan guard

l   Built-in polyurethane insulated reservoir with large capacity and a removable top for maintenance

l   Easily removable side panel allows convenient clearance and maintenance

Optional Feature

l   Tailor-made hydonic module, to customize the reservoir and pump according to your unique demand.

l   Siemens programmable logic controller with 10 inch color touch screen, more intellegent control system.

l   Heat recovery module up to 80% efficiency.

l   Expansion tank for closed cooling circuit.

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