Water Cooled Central Chillers - 40 to 600 Ton

CRW Series - 40RT to 600RT
  • Water Cooled Central Chillers - 40 to 600 Ton
  • Water Cooled Central Chillers - 40 to 600 Ton
Water Cooled Central Chillers - 40 to 600 Ton Water Cooled Central Chillers - 40 to 600 Ton

    Senho water-cooled central chillers feature small footprints and quiet operation. The first-class configuration and rational design guarantee the superior performance of Senho central chillers; strict manufacturing and quality control procedures give them reliable quality. SENHO offers the widest range of water-cooled screw chillers to choose from. At the same time, we have experts to develop the most suitable cooling solution for your application.

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Standard Features

l  Cooling capacity range from 38 to 563 tons

l   Set temperature range from 7℃ to 30℃

l   Bitzer or Hanbell screw compressor

l   Siemens programmable logic controller

l   10-inch touch screen smart operation panel

l   Schneider electricity parts, stablity to ensure trouble-free running

l   Well designed shell and tube condensers with large inner space, avoiding block-up

l   Shell and tube evaporator with sufficient heat exchanging area, ensuring high efficiency

l   Reserved port for both chilled water pump and condenser water pump control

Available Options

l  Economizer for higher efficiency

l   Complete stainless steel chilled water circuit for high water quality requirement

l   Remote control stage for long-distance controlling and monitoring

l   Central control system for multi-units integrate control

l   Plate type evaporator and condenser to get more compact unit size(only recommend for high water quality cases)

l   Flooded shell and tube evaporator 

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