1-30 Ton Air Cooled Glycol Chillers

LA Series - Low Temperature Industrial Chiller
  • 1-30 Ton Air Cooled Glycol Chillers
  • 1-30 Ton Air Cooled Glycol Chillers
1-30 Ton Air Cooled Glycol Chillers 1-30 Ton Air Cooled Glycol Chillers

    LA-L series air cooled glycol chillers range from 1 to 40 kW, they can reach low temperature minimum -35℃

    For temperature below -15℃, LA chiller will be equipped with piston compressor and R404a refrigerant.

    Without demand of cooling tower, LA series chiller is easy for installation and maintenance.

    Air Cooled Glycol Chillers are widely applied for food & beverage process, ice rink, cold storage, etc. 

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Standard Features 

l  Control temperature from -35℃ to 5℃

l  Capacity range from 1 to 30 kW

l   Scroll or reciprocating compressors

l   Micro-processor with intuitive operation menu and operation status indication

l   Danfoss thermal components including expansion valve

l   Aluminum fin type condenser with large air volume fan

l   Shell and tube evaporator with heavy insulation to prevent the cold energy from missing

l   Oil separator to keep compressor constantly running with oil lubrication

l   Specially selected low temperature resistant water pump


Available Options 

l  Anti corrosive water circuit for brine chiller

l   Remote control panel

l   PLC control system, offer more intuitionistic operation and monitoring


15 months parts warranty

12 months labor warranty

2 years for touch screen

3 years for programmable logic controller

Extendable warranty up to 5 years

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